Improve Relationships with Self and Others 

Live with Meaning and Connection

Yuwei Wu, LMFT, EMDR & EFT Therapist

Anxiety, Trauma & Emotionally Focused Therapy

for Individual, Couples & Families in Greater Seattle Area

Offering Telehealth & In Person Nature-Based Therapy in in Edmonds, WA

We are inextricably embedded in a vast network of relationships that shape who we are and who we become. Are relationships stressing you out? 

Individual: Are you having trouble accepting yourself? Are perfectionism and self-criticism getting in your way of achieving your full potential and/or feeling good about yourself? Are things that either happened in the past or might happen in the future severely impacting your daily functioning and/or stopping you living in the moment?

Couples: Are you and your partner having difficulties (i.e. with trust, security, intimacy, etc.) in your relationship? Have you been arguing for the same issues over hundreds times with no change? Or have you been both avoiding talking about important things? Do you struggle to connect with your partner during challenging moments? Would you like to repair previous raptures with your partner? 

Child, Youth and Family: Are you running out of ways helping your child regulate emotionally and/or behaviorally? Are you having difficulty figuring out how to be there for your child? Have you been working so hard to support your child that you might neglect your own needs? 

Are you frustrated and tired of not making progress?

I get it. Let's work together and I will help you build and practice new patterns that actually work.

Welcome! My name is Yuwei Wu. I'm a Washington state licensed Marriage and Family therapist (LMFT) specializing in helping committed individuals, couples, and families regulate emotions and behaviors, heal from trauma, and improve relationships. I am here to help you become who you want to be.  If you are ready for the transformation, contact me.

Take Charge of Your Mental Health,