Child, Youth & Family Therapy

I have a special place in my heart for families.

I work with children, adolescents and familes to address emotional and behavioral disturbances, child-parent/caregiver relationship issues, parenting strategies, etc

    • For children between age 5 and 12: parents engagement is required for treatment effectiveness. It's a mix with individual sessions with minor, parenting support sessions (parents/caregivers only) and family sessions (parents/parents with miors).

      • Individual sessions with minor focuses would be focus on building therapeutic relationship and understanding children's experiences.

      • Parenting supoort sessions focuses on exploring and practicing alternative parenting strategies based on feedback from individual sessions with children

      • Family sessions focuses on improving relationship between children and parents/caregivers

    • For Adolescents between age 13 and 18: parents engagement is encouraged to support clients, such offering companionship for adolescents struggle with depression. When the family enviornment is stable and safe, individual sessions might be enough to help clients processs difficult thoughts and emotions and build effective strategies to regulate emotions and behaviors. Sometimes adolescents's struggle is beyond their individual control, such relationships with parents/caregivers and difficulty to hold themselves accountable, parents participation in therapy would be essential for clients' therpy treatment.

    • For children and/or adolescents who refuse to do family therapy with parents/caregivers: I support parents building skills and strategies to repair relationships on their own, with evidence based appraoch of Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). Parents: Don't give up! Hope is out there!

    • For parents and adult children: If all family members struggle with certain mental health issues, it's imperative to establish individual therapist before reaching out for family thereapy; Otherwise, I would require meeting with individuals or sub-units within the family as part of the family therapy, which increases therapy frequency and cost.

Take Care of Your Family,